Brown-Ribbon Event #3: A Tale of Two Shakes

Well, actually there were three shakes. Where you ask? At the 3rd Ironport Brown Ribbon awareness event that took place August 25th 2012.  We realize that there has been quite the space between blogs. This is either due to laziness on we the bloggers, or the fact that the experimental Ironport shakes were so thick, our memories were jammed by the abundant sugary goodness that enveloped that day.  I pick the latter.

Now that "Event 4" is just around the corner, a hasty decision was made to jump back on the bandwagon that is Ironport-event-blogging and get some details of event 3 posted. Readers be warned, the following details are lacking and incomplete, and completely lacking. A group consisting of four brown ribbon wearing aficionados (thank you MS thesaurus) assembled at the authentic, yet very busy, establishment of Peach City in Brigham City, UT.  Four Ironports were ordered along with four orders of cheese fries.  To those who are interested in cheese fries with their Ironport, Peach City includes a pound of cheese and a friendly yet very cautious waitress with every order. You just can't find that combination anywhere else.
Live photo of shake consumption - Live photo of Brad testing a shake mustache.

After the drinks and fries were consumed, a void was felt in unison amongst three brown ribbon bearers Ben, Brad and Braun.  That void was quickly taken care of by a decision to request the making of special Ironport shakes, with cheesecake chunks of course.  

Now comes the point in this blog that loss of memory rears its sultry head and the story telling must end.  However, it hasn't entirely ended.  Please continue below to view a few photos with fewer captions. Or don't, really, the choice is up to you!

Ecstatic ribbon bearers(clockwise from left) Ben, Brad, Braun and Cam

Braun and Cam take a moment to let the Ironport sink in

Brad anxiously awaiting his shake.
Ben and Brad...("Ice" Cream makes life Yummy???)

Newsflash: Cache Valley Loves Ironport

The intention of Brown-Ribbon Events, and this blog in general, is to raise awareness of the awesomeness of Ironport. According to Arie Kirk of the Herald Journal, in Logan, Utah, awareness has indeed been raised.
Read the full Herald Journal Article Here:
Food: Old-fashioned drinks like iron port popular in Cache Valley area

Admittedly, I am a little disappointed that no Brown-Ribbon bearers were interviewed. Despite that, I think Kirk did an excellent job raising awareness. In recognition of this, I will be mailing Arie Kirk a Brown Ribbon and making her an Honorary Brown-Ribbon Bearer.

Thank you Arie, for your journalistic contribution to Ironport!

Special Guest Review: Marion's Variety

This special Ironport guest review was written by Brown-Ribbon Bearer, Rex P., of Vernal, UT. On behalf of Brown-Ribbon Bearers everywhere, thank you for the awesome review, Rex. Your enthusiasm for Ironport is a beacon to the world!

Let me first start with a little background of myself. I am 28 years old, I have two kids and a wonderful wife who keeps me honest. I live in Vernal, Utah -- about 30 miles East of Roosevelt where Marion's is located. I was born and raised in Roosevelt, being a small town I have frequented Marion's Often but never before tried the Ironport. Until June 11, 2012 I had only experienced the joys of Ironport one time in Logan Utah and that was at least 2 years ago. Upon learning of Brown-Ribbon Events, I took the opportunity to visit Marion's and submit a review for all the Ironport fans who may be traveling through Northeastern Utah and find themselves in need of a cool drink.

Marion's is an old fashioned bar stool style soda fountain centered on Main Street in Roosevelt Utah. This family operated variety store/soda fountain has been open since 1936 and to this day when you walk through the door you feel like you have gone back in time. When you open the door you will hear a chime that has become comfortably familiar for me followed by a "Hello and Welcome" from the employee's behind the bar. Strait ahead there is a bar with about 20 bar stools available for sitting or to your right there are three booths that fit 4 people each. My wife Stephanie, kids and I headed directly to the bar.

The service was excellent, they were prepared and waiting for our order. "What can I get you?" asked the waitress, my three year old boy immediately yelled "I want a hot dog" My wife followed with "I'll take a diet Mt Dew." Obviously I ordered an Ironport and then shot a scowling look of disappointment at my wife, I continued to scold her as the waitress went to get our drinks for her ignorance towards ironport. Her reply "Mt Dew sounded good", inexcusable in my book, but what can you do. I decided to stick with the classic Vanilla Ironport as I figured I should start slow and work my way into the many flavors offered. Upon its arrival I sat studying the dark caramel color for a moment and then quickly dipped in for my first taste. It was sweet, almost to the edge of too sweet but not, very smooth and refreshing with a great flavor. As I was indulging in the sweet liquid my one year old little girl who was sitting on my lap reached out and grabbed my straw. She leaned forward looked me directly in the eyes and took her first taste of Ironport. Although she is only 18 months old, I could see her eyes beaming, her taste buds were exploding, I had lost my drink to a one year old as she would no longer allow me to share with her. She is a true blooded Ironport fan. Through this experience I learned that my wife and my son are two immature to enjoy the wonders of Ironport but my daughter is wise beyond her years and takes after her father. I would highly recommend the Ironport at Marions, make sure you try it with a double BBQ Burger...mmm

Brown-Ribbon Event #2: Lovers, Truck Drivers, and Custard

Twas the afternoon of June 23rd 2012 that Brown-Ribbon bearers gathered at the somewhat-newly-remodeled Nielsen's Frozen Custard in Layton, Utah.  News of our first Brown-Ribbon event had spread far and wide, raising awareness of the delicious beverage, Ironport. Our little band of Ironport enthusiasts has nearly doubled, and thirsty seekers of truth came from all over to be "baptized of brown" (i.e. drink some Ironport).

"Ironport saved my life!" -Desiree T., girlfriend of a body-guard

Desiree T. and Braun B.
Braun (body-guard for the local band, Short Access), and his lady-friend Desiree traveled nearly 30 miles to partake of Ironport. Braun and Desiree were a typical couple, leading their typical lives. Braun was trained in the ancient art of Finance, and Desiree was enjoying her career as a successful music-video actress

Their lives were perfect - or so it seemed. Despite their many successes they knew there was something absent from their relationship, something cold and satisfying  - a beverage. For over a decade, Braun had been a devout "Best" brand soda disciple. However, there had been a "Best" soda famine in the land and none could be found. This lack of satisfying beverage had placed an incredible strain on their relationship. 

Braun and Desiree desperately hoped that Ironport would be the beverage that saved their alliance. They humbly approached the paper-cup of Ironport, looked deeply into each others eyes, and drank. Braun's fist began pounding the table in delight, and a tear rolled softly down his cheek. The search was over.

"I feel Ironportant!" -Brad R., long-haul trucker

Brad R. - Empowered with Ironport
Brad R., a trucker and accomplished musician has been an Ironport enthusiast for nearly two years. He is about to embark upon a long and arduous trucking journey, and knew that a single dose of the Coke-infused Ironport at Nielsen's would give him all the energy and stamina he would need to make it through the entire trip.

As an Ironport veteran, Brad wears his brown ribbon with pride and dignity, as shown in the above photo.

"An Ironport frozen custard?" -Anonymous Custard-Chef at Nielsen's Frozen Custard

Ironport Brown-Ribbon Pride at Nielsen's
Special mention goes to the awesome employees at Nielsen's Frozen Custard in Layton, Utah. They not only served us excellent Ironports, but also created the worlds first Ironport frozen custard. For this accomplishment they received honorary brown ribbons, and shall forever be immortalized in this blog.

Thank you Nielsen's Frozen Custard of Layton Employees for dauntlessly raising awareness of Ironport. You are our heros!

A blurry photo of proud brown-ribbon bearers!
Brown-Ribbon Event #2 was an incredible success!  Lives were changed, and friendships were strengthened. Nielsen's Frozen Custard of Layton has set high the bar of Ironport excellence.

Join us in July for our 3rd Brown-Ribbon Event at Peach City, in Brigham City, Utah. Watch for details!

Brown-Ribbon Event #1: The Genesis

Today was a huge leap forward for Ironport awareness. Today was the first ever "Brown-Ribbon Event." Brown-Ribbon Events may just look like a group of people merrily imbibing Ironport, but it is more than that. Brown-Ribbon Events are a group of people merrily imbibing Ironport while wearing brown ribbons.

In addition to having Brown-Ribbon founders, Ben and Cameron in attendance, we were honored to have Capt. Jason M. of the US Army visiting from Honolulu, Hawaii. Although Jason had once -in his youth- tasted Ironport, the palate-clearing-foods of time had long since erased the true meaning of Ironport from his memory.  Life had treated him well -granting him a wife and a daughter- but he couldn't help but feel that something was still missing; something cold and refreshing. It took him nearly a decade of searching to realize that Ironport was the answer.

As we sat at the bar of The Bluebird Restaurant in historic downtown Logan, Utah, Jason was visibly nervous. It had been 10 years since he had tasted Ironport. Would this be the answer to all his woes?

"Are the hot wings hot?", Jason coyly inquired.
The waitress callously replied, "Not really."
Jason sneered and gleefully exclaimed "Good. I don't like hot stuff. I'll have those... and an Ironport!"

After learning that there were many delicious varieties of Ironport, Jason settled on a cool, classic Vanilla Ironport. Cameron and Ben both ordered Cherry Ironports (mainly because there is a real cherry in those - which I think everyone would agree is awesome). The infamous Chocolate Ironport did not make an appearance at this event.

"Jason Remembers the Magic"
After a few reasonable moments, the Ironports arrived. Jason immediately raised the straw to his lips and drew the sweet ambrosia into his mouth and down his ready gullet. It was obvious that he had gone into some sort of frenzied trance as he rapidly ingurgitated the dark-brown substance. Within moments the Vanilla Ironport was gone. His gut instinct was to immediately order another, however, reason quickly took hold when the waitress said that there was only one free refill. He decided to pace himself and wait until his hot wings arrived.

Jason went on to quaff an additional two Ironports: one with his hot wings, and Cameron's only refill. It was apparent that his search was now over. Through this Brown-Ribbon Event, he obtained enlightenment and experienced a state of complete nirvana (as shown in the picture above). It was a privilege to witness and be a part of this great re-awakening.

Drink Ironport! You'll Like It!


This blog will soon be full of the most valuable information in the world: Ironport information.

Currently we are confirming all our leads to iron-port serving establishments. When that is complete, an ironport tour will begin and reviews of ironports from everywhere will begin to fill this blog. So hang tight, and we'll be up and running soon!

In the meantime, remember to wear your brown ribbon to raise awareness of Ironport!

Have any good leads for where Ironport is served? Write it in the comments below, and we'll check it out!