Brown-Ribbon Event #1: The Genesis

Today was a huge leap forward for Ironport awareness. Today was the first ever "Brown-Ribbon Event." Brown-Ribbon Events may just look like a group of people merrily imbibing Ironport, but it is more than that. Brown-Ribbon Events are a group of people merrily imbibing Ironport while wearing brown ribbons.

In addition to having Brown-Ribbon founders, Ben and Cameron in attendance, we were honored to have Capt. Jason M. of the US Army visiting from Honolulu, Hawaii. Although Jason had once -in his youth- tasted Ironport, the palate-clearing-foods of time had long since erased the true meaning of Ironport from his memory.  Life had treated him well -granting him a wife and a daughter- but he couldn't help but feel that something was still missing; something cold and refreshing. It took him nearly a decade of searching to realize that Ironport was the answer.

As we sat at the bar of The Bluebird Restaurant in historic downtown Logan, Utah, Jason was visibly nervous. It had been 10 years since he had tasted Ironport. Would this be the answer to all his woes?

"Are the hot wings hot?", Jason coyly inquired.
The waitress callously replied, "Not really."
Jason sneered and gleefully exclaimed "Good. I don't like hot stuff. I'll have those... and an Ironport!"

After learning that there were many delicious varieties of Ironport, Jason settled on a cool, classic Vanilla Ironport. Cameron and Ben both ordered Cherry Ironports (mainly because there is a real cherry in those - which I think everyone would agree is awesome). The infamous Chocolate Ironport did not make an appearance at this event.

"Jason Remembers the Magic"
After a few reasonable moments, the Ironports arrived. Jason immediately raised the straw to his lips and drew the sweet ambrosia into his mouth and down his ready gullet. It was obvious that he had gone into some sort of frenzied trance as he rapidly ingurgitated the dark-brown substance. Within moments the Vanilla Ironport was gone. His gut instinct was to immediately order another, however, reason quickly took hold when the waitress said that there was only one free refill. He decided to pace himself and wait until his hot wings arrived.

Jason went on to quaff an additional two Ironports: one with his hot wings, and Cameron's only refill. It was apparent that his search was now over. Through this Brown-Ribbon Event, he obtained enlightenment and experienced a state of complete nirvana (as shown in the picture above). It was a privilege to witness and be a part of this great re-awakening.


  1. You have truly been part of a momentous occasion!

  2. I wish I had been there. I too felt the same moment of ecstasy when I drank that cool refreshing Ironport from the Bluebird Cafe. It will always be a time to remember. Drink one for me.