Newsflash: Cache Valley Loves Ironport

The intention of Brown-Ribbon Events, and this blog in general, is to raise awareness of the awesomeness of Ironport. According to Arie Kirk of the Herald Journal, in Logan, Utah, awareness has indeed been raised.
Read the full Herald Journal Article Here:
Food: Old-fashioned drinks like iron port popular in Cache Valley area

Admittedly, I am a little disappointed that no Brown-Ribbon bearers were interviewed. Despite that, I think Kirk did an excellent job raising awareness. In recognition of this, I will be mailing Arie Kirk a Brown Ribbon and making her an Honorary Brown-Ribbon Bearer.

Thank you Arie, for your journalistic contribution to Ironport!

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  1. It should also be pointed out that Iron Port is sold in more locations than just Cache Valley, Malad, and the Preston areas. It is sold in multiple locations all over Utah and neighboring states. A bit sloppy on the research, but good job on raising awareness of the Iron Port!